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This was too much for Skipper, who laughed with such genial heartiness as to lay Jerry's silky ears back and down in self- deprecation of affection and pleadingness to bask in the sunshine of the god's smile.
I will approach him and bask in the sunshine of his humble felicity.
He said that he had booked two berths to Naples, that we were bound for Capri, which was clearly the island of the Lotos-eaters, that we would bask there together, "and for a while forget.
If there was but a little more sun to bask in, than can find its way into this cursed place, I'd lie in it all day, and not trouble myself to sit or stand up once.
That they, when unable to lay hold of him, should respectfully grasp at the hem of his mantle; that they, when they could not bask in the glory of him the sun, should take up with the pale reflected light of the watery young moon his daughter; appeared quite natural, becoming, and proper.
Here I rallied, and had already improved so far as to be able to walk about the wards, and even to bask a little upon the verandah, when I was struck down by enteric fever, that curse of our Indian possessions.
Birds in hot rooms, covered up close and dark, felt it was morning, and chafed and grew restless in their little cells; bright-eyed mice crept back to their tiny homes and nestled timidly together; the sleek house-cat, forgetful of her prey, sat winking at the rays of sun starting through keyhole and cranny in the door, and longed for her stealthy run and warm sleek bask outside.
Dianne Watson, D-Los Angeles - whose district includes the USC campus - shot back: ``I am here to bask in the triple victories'' of the Trojans, the women's volleyball team and the men's water polo team.
Bask will deliver these elements that no other magazine in our space is offering.
Surely one of them will want to bask in the vibes of the studio where all of my most famous work was created," he said.
Could they have found a cult hero in local Deputy Jim McDaid who does little more than bask in the sunshine after claiming the national parliament was "irrelevant" when accused of missing 80% of Dail votes?
NYSE:WTS) announced today that it has acquired Chiles Power Supply and Bask LLC, affiliated companies located in Springfield, Mo.