BASMBuilt in Assembler
BASMBritish Association of Sport and Medicine
BASMBiliary Atresia Splenic Malformation
BASMBovine Aortic Smooth Muscle (cells)
BASMBombe a Sous-Munition (French: Sub-Munition Bomb)
BASMBachelor Certification in Alternative System of Medicines
BASMBacosys Advanced Server Management (website hosting; Belgium)
BASMBay Area Sports Machine (sports blog)
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8% of cases of biliary atresia in large series (85,88-90) and seem to be as common in BASM as in isolated (perinatal) biliary atresia.
In one study, (89) prominent portal inflammation was seen in some explants from patients with BASM.
The opening period saw BASM, with the wind at their backs, press the home side as they forced several corners with Nunthorpe struggling to find their feet.
13) They should be given routine and extended vaccines such as pneumococcus and meningococcus type C (particularly relevant to the BASM subgroup), varicella zoster (VZ) and hepatitis A and B, if not already part of the local immunisation schedule.