BASMBritish Association of Sport and Medicine
BASMBiliary Atresia Splenic Malformation
BASMBovine Aortic Smooth Muscle (cells)
BASMBacosys Advanced Server Management (website hosting; Belgium)
BASMBay Area Sports Machine (sports blog)
BASMBachelor Certification in Alternative System of Medicines
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In cases of BASM, presence of associated malformations, especially congenital heart disease, may serve as a clinical clue to the diagnosis of biliary atresia.
8% of cases of biliary atresia in large series (85,88-90) and seem to be as common in BASM as in isolated (perinatal) biliary atresia.
The opening period saw BASM, with the wind at their backs, press the home side as they forced several corners with Nunthorpe struggling to find their feet.
Half time: Nunthorpe 0 BASM 0 Nunthorpe started the second half with more gusto and soon grabbed the goal their play deserved.
13) They should be given routine and extended vaccines such as pneumococcus and meningococcus type C (particularly relevant to the BASM subgroup), varicella zoster (VZ) and hepatitis A and B, if not already part of the local immunisation schedule.
Low-income residents who qualify for the program could also be eligible to receive medically necessary healthcare services at no cost at BASM community health centers located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
While the Safety Net is being offered on a small scale, BASM hopes it will inspire other medical centers around the country to follow suit.
Because of this, BASM filed two suits against the insurer to collect medical bills that were never paid.
Jones, 1994 president of BASM, and Dave Seiders, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders.
Members of BASM were asked to write and call their representatives, senators and President Clinton to inform them of how this is affecting the industry.
BASM will hold a joint general membership and board of directors meeting at 12:30 p.
Standard Federal is proud to join with BASM, the City of Detroit and the Jefferson-Chalmers Non-Profit Housing Corporation in conducting HOMERAMA Detroit.