BASPBroadcom Advanced Server Program
BASPBritish Association of Ski Patrollers
BASPBritish Association of Stroke Physicians (UK)
BASPBureau for Action on Smoking Prevention
BASPBaath Arab Socialist Party (Iraq)
BASPBusiness Analysis Strategic Planning
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Como unica sobrevivente, a estacao final da linha, contida na BASP deveria ser patrimonializada e aberta ao publico, para oficinas de aproximacao a historia local.
The following programs provide some examples of how a BASP could be coordinated with the efforts of existing programs.
Assistant RL secretary of BASP, Hilal al-Hilal, parliament members and other officials and intellectuals attended the activity.
The BASP Leadership affirmed in a statement that this new move is a continuation of Turkey's approach of supporting the terrorist gangs, providing them with shelter, weapons, funds, training and access into Syria across the border.
The BASP launched on November 26, 2013 in New York, is a community-led project supported by the Philippine Consulate General and undertaken in partnership with Philippine Jesuit Foundation (PJF) based in New York and Gawad Kalinga Community Foundation (GK) based in the Philippines.
Damascus, (SANA) - Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Bth Arab Socialists Party (BASP) Hilal al-Hilal on Monday met with members of the Jordanian Medical Support Committee in the presence of the member of BASP Leadership, Head of Public Organizations and Trade Unions, Abdul-Motti Mishleb, and Head of Doctors Syndicates, Abdul-Qader Hassan.
Speaking at the signing, Correctional Services Minister Tony Piccolo said that the BASP will provide accommodation as an alternative to custody, for alleged offenders granted bail and who lack a suitable place to stay.
The delegation, which included Rector of Damascus University and Secretary of the university's branch of BASP and a number of Syrian and Arab students, recalled the victories of the Syrian army in October War, hailing at the same time the soldiers' heroic achievements in confronting the terrorist groups over two and a half years now.
In a statement issued on Thursday, the BASP Regional Leadership stressed that these heinous terrorist practices indicate the bankruptcy of their perpetrators and their defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.
Minister al-Zoubi met on Saturday with Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) branch in Lattakia, Ahmad Shreitah, the Secretary of the BASP branch of Tishreen University, Ghaleb Shhada, and Governor al-Nasser.
The BASP Regional Leadership warned of the risks of attempts at exploiting the positive dimensions of the new democratic political atmosphere on the national arena to promote despotic and non-patriotic thinking like that which appeared on the part of some opposition forces at their conference held in Damascus on September 23.