BASRBritish Association for the Study of Religions
BASRBethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (Bethlehem, Israel)
BASRBile Acid Secretion Rate
BASRBoard of Advanced Studies and Research (Pakistan)
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To his part, General Director of BASR, Edmund Shehadeh said that the duchess's visit to Palestine, and to Bethlehem in specific, carries many messages on many levels, especially the human and health sectors.
Study design: It was a cross-sectional hospital based study which was conducted after obtaining approval from IRB (DUHS) (Reference number: IRB-165/DUHS-10) and BASR of DUHS (reference number: DUHS/DR/2010/485).
In sum, it seems important to allow free entry (or at least, not very constrained entry) for effective competition to occur, even if this means an increase in retail outlets, contrary to the BASR report's position.
Validation of the BASR relaxation technique for the control of craving, anxiety and stress in an experimental nicotine withdrawal set
In his depathologizing of fan mail--an intellectual move that has deeper origins at BASR as Simonson shows in this issue--Katz begins his defense of the communicative competence of ordinary people.
We (Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation BASR and the Palestinian General Union of Persons with Disabilities GUPWD), strongly condemn the assassination of Sa'd Al Atrash, who was shot by the Israeli military forces and left to bleed to death in Hebron on Monday the 26th of October 2015.
BASR Cochlear implantation and rehabilitation team participated in a launch seminar of a project entitled "support to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, education and rehabilitation services for people affected by deafness in Palestine", which was held on the Effeta Institute in Bethlehem by John Paul II Foundation and under the auspices of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with participation of several local civil society institutions and Italian partner organizations, in the aim at promoting the quality of life of people with hearing impairment and total hearing loss in Palestine by enhancing their access to inclusive health care, rehabilitation and education services.
6,500 in the form of pay order in favour of University of Karachi and submitted in the School of Law and BASR section respectively, it said.
6,000 in the form of pay order in favor of University of Karachi and submitted in the School of Law and BASR section respectively, it was further pointed out.
During the last one and a half year BASR conducted 26 meetings which awarded 1951 M.
After retirement, being a Professor Emeritus, he used to regularly participate in the (Board of Advance Studies and Research) BASR meetings and gave his important input.
A University official said on Tuesday that the BASR meeting was presided by the Vice-Chancellor Prof.