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BASSABritish Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association (labor union)
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Both the new Portuguese regime in Lisbon and the Frelimo government of Mozambique assumed that since South Africa was supposed to be the main beneficiary of the Cahora Bassa scheme, the apartheid regime would put the security of the dam and the power lines to South Africa above the regime's support for Renamo.
Following application by the Company, the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy of Liberia has extended the terms of the Gbarpolu and Grand Bassa Mineral Exploration Licences.
When I sing in Bassa, I make use of the proverbs in which the Bassa people often express themselves.
Kevin Hall, spokesman for the Transport and General Workers' Union of which BASSA is part, said: 'There is a strong suspicion that because the airline has insisted that the re-defined positions are incompatible with our union representation, it is looking for an opportunity to dispense with those faces that no longer fit.
That night I was more excited about watching my stablemate take on Bassa for the world title.
Kate, who was also with rock star husband Jamie Hince, 45, soaked up the rays on Cala Bassa beach and sank a glass of champagne before strolling with a pal to take a dip.
It is regrettable that the Bassa branch in Unite should resort to such tactics.
The former Aer Lingus boss came under fire as Bassa members prepared for a 12-day strike over the Christmas period, which BA attempted to stop with an injunction.
The bedlam will only be interrupted by the musical excitement and festival atmosphere created by Bassa Bassa, one of the north of England's best street bands.
With the conclusion of the technical agreements pertaining to the process of transfer, we want to announce today, 27 November, to the people of Mozambique and to the whole world, from this green and beautiful village of Songo, that Cahora Bassa is ours
Visitors also listened to stories inspired by colour and enjoyed vibrant music from international jazz band Bassa Bassa, with blends of ska, Latin, African and funk.
I was too young to see him in the flesh, although I did go to the King's Hall to watch Dave McAuley's great scraps with Fidel Bassa.