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BASWBritish Association of Social Workers
BASWBachelor's of Art in Social Work
BASWBest American Sports Writing (book series)
BASWBelarusian Association of Social Workers
BASWBoard for Advising in Social Work (est. 1991; Slovakia)
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In addition to the launch of the BASW report, Professor Featherstone has joined her University of Huddersfield colleague Professor Paul Bywaters in giving evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Children, discussing research on the impact that cutbacks in local government expenditure have made on child protection services in deprived areas.
We also introduce both the NASW and BASW codes of ethics and engage students in case studies around similarities and differences in the two codes.
Following are descriptions of these themes along with illustrative quotations and explanations of how each category relates to the core social work values as outlined in the NASW and BASW codes of ethics.
Where we use" self-determination," the BASW chooses to use "self-realization," which seems to indicate a greater appreciation for the common good rather than the individual.
Echoing the social work research texts, none of the BASW, MSW, or doctoral course syllabi we examined--in their course descriptions, objectives, topics, or assignments--mentioned social justice.
We then elaborate on the intergroup dialogue model, its incorporation into a BASW course at the University of Washington on cultural diversity and justice, and report findings from the formative evaluation.
In November 1996 the University of Washington School of Social Work received a CSWE Millennium Project Grant to develop an innovative teaching approach for including cultural diversity and justice content in the BASW program.
To successfully establish the course as a BASW program requirement, we looked at evaluations of a similar course that had been conducted in the MSW program.
The Cultural Diversity and Justice course, offered in the spring quarter of the junior year, was required of all students in the BASW program.
Finally, the racial composition of the BASW class facilitated small groups that had roughly equal numbers of students of color and white students.
The facilitators were either seniors in the BASW program or students in the MSW program.
Dialogue participants were all the BASW students (n=50) in the Cultural Diversity and Justice course at the University of Washington, spring quarter 1997.