BASYSBalanced Automation Systems
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The bottom sediments of Keibu Bay and Nova Bay were sampled jointly by the Geological Survey of Estonia, the Institute of Geosciences of Kiel University, and the Estonian Marine Institute in 1997-99 within the framework of the BASYS project.
Functional and technical design and implementation of a new application for the management, development and use of archival film as a module within the proposed solution archive management software of the Federal Archives BASYS 3 ("BASYS 3 film")
For data storage, the water channel is Kassel database BASYS the company Barthauer a software GmbH.
For some time, we have provided support for third-party solutions such as Bandag's BASYS, Michelin's BIB TREAD and Goodyear's GTracs.
There has been a great deal of confusion in the platform realm," said Bob Altizer, PBD Chair and President, BASYS Consulting.