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BATABritish Air Transport Association (London, UK)
BATABritish American Tobacco Australia
BATABay Area Transit Authority
BATABuy and Throw Away
BATABattlefield Area Terrain Advisor
BATABacktracking Adaptive Threshold Accepting (vehicle routing)
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Under the Bata system, with its blend of quasi-socialist rhetoric and capitalist-paternalist practice, culture functioned as a lubricant of industrial output.
Mr Justice Butterfield, jailing Bata, told him: "You armed yourself with a deadly weapon and used it against a neighbour who had done nothing more than put his clippings somewhere he shouldn't have.
Bata was found guilty of murder at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday.
Prosecutor John Milmo said Bata, Humberstone, Leicester, fled but later phoned the police, who arrested him.
During this period, the sacred bata drums used in Yoruba ceremonies had not been introduced to New York City.
The CEO had the least personal contact with the Bata Industries plant.
In this TAC all Bata companies were exhorted to work in co-operation with their local authorities to identify problems and carry out precautionary measures.
Today, the board of directors is being held to a higher standard of conduct, including ensuring workplace safety, as well as environmental compliance," says Leslie Tenenbaum, Bata industries' in-house legal counsel, adding that "the mere delegation of authority is no longer a sufficient defense.
The Bata Legacy Award challenged entrepreneurs 35 and younger to identify a community need in East Africa and share a creative, viable business solution that embraces the values that guided Thomas J.
Programme : aujourd'hui a 20H Ebebeyin : Congo - Burkina-Faso Bata : Guinee equatoriale - Gabon
OFFICIALS from the Philippine-based children's foundation Bantay Bata 163 (Child Watch) will be visiting Bahrain to raise funds.
AP noted that BATA, which is looking to purchase between eight and 10 hybrid buses, hopes that the electric vehicles will eventually be able to be recharged solely using wind power.