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BATEBlows against the Empire (album)
BATEBorderless Access to Training and Education (Montana)
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After financing a $23,000 recreational vehicle with her then husband, John, 35 years ago, Bate was frustrated by the RV's drain on the couple's finances, particularly since it stayed parked in the yard most of the time.
Although, like Taylor, Bate ranges widely over the "Shakespearean" past, he is best at, alternately, the decade just prior to Titus Andronicus, and that which followed Hazlitt's Characters of Shakespear's Plays.
By spinning off the LBIS inspection portfolio to ATIS, Lerch Bates will focus resources on expanding its core business lines of consulting on elevator modernisation, service audits and ground-up design projects.
Success can happen fast, and Bates has been able to handle the attention.
The Bates Family Blog confirmed recently that the two families have "restrictions" when it comes to appearing on each other's shows as they air on different networks.
Bates then joined Raytheon Corporation as the federal ballistic missile marketing director, where he was published and obtained fellow and officer status from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics organization.
This season Bates co-starred opposite Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett in the acclaimed FX series American Horror Story as Delphine LaLaurie, a character based on a real-life 19th-century New Orleans socialite who tortured and killed her slaves.
The Fluid Routing Solutions Business unit of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: PKOH), a provider of supply management services and a manufacturer of highly engineered products, has acquired almost all of the assets of Bates Acquisition LLC and Bates Real Estate Acquisition LLC.
Bates was in the unseemly process of divorcing Vera, whom many regarded as a surly and wretched woman, on the grounds of her alleged adultery.
In 1919, the two companies merged to form Bates Machine & Tractor Co.
But witnesses said Bates, who was suspended by the Liberal Democrats after the incident, had been shouting and trying to leave his hospital bed, insisting he had to go to work.
The trial at Cardiff Magistrates' Court has heard police found Bates semiconscious and bleeding from a head wound on the stairs of a restaurant in the city.