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BATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (US)
BATFBangalore Agenda Task Force
BATFBrooklyn Aids Task Force (Brooklyn, NY)
BATFBasic Leucine Zipper Transcription Factor
BATFBuildings and Appliances Task Force
BATFBeach Alcohol Task Force (San Diego, CA)
BATFBay Area Tap Festival
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Hardy and Kimball's book provides more evidence of the overly aggressive and seriously flawed initial BATF assault on the Davidians' Mt.
11) The chief contribution of this Study, though, is to add a new dimension to interest-group theories of regulation, namely that regulatory agencies like the BATF may use their discretionary law enforcement authority selectively, not only to channel benefits to special-interest groups in return for political support, (12) but also to quash dissent by harassing members of organizations that oppose the agency's mandate, or are critical of its methods.
Matthews, Western District of Kentucky, the judge ruled that Congress implicitly exempted alcohol labeling authority from the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and that the BATF therefore had authority over this matter.
In a similar arrangement, the FAA and the BATF signed an agreement last year to conduct a joint research pilot project to analyze two methods of training dogs for explosives detection.
BATF provides estimates based on tax records of the number of new handguns, shotguns, and rifles sold in each year in the U.
As of my last information, formed cases and loaded cartridges were also offered, with the warning that these may be withdrawn if BATF harassment continues.
When he was appointed Interim Director, Jones was billed as a reformer, a straight arrow who would get to the bottom of recent BATF scandals--most particularly the Fast and Furious gunwalking debacle--and get the agency back on track.
The Citizens Committee has just learned that Senator Charles Grassley is asking Inspector General Michael Horwitz to investigate how a firearm apparently purchased by a BATF special agent in Phoenix more than two years ago was recently recovered at a Mexican crime scene," Gottlieb said.
The software is fully BATF compliant to aid dealers in managing their firearms transactions.
When pressed by William Le Jeunesse and Maxim Lott of Fox News, a spokeswoman for BATF acknowledged that "over 90 percent of the traced firearms originated from the United States"-- a very different figure.
The BATF did not agree with the inventor's interpretation.
American Gestapo: How the BATF is Riding Roughshod Over Civil Liberties"