BATMAVBattlefield Air Targeting Micro Air Vehicle (US Air Force)
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Summary of current DOD miniature robot system characteristics System Domain Control Propulsion BATMAV air, autono- fixed wing, (Wasp III) 50-500 mous or propeller, feet remote battery operating powered altitude, 10k feet max altitude Tactical same as same as same as Mini- above above above Unmanned w/11k ft.
Inclusion into the BATMAV program enabled the Air Force to place an order for Wasp AE systems valued at $2,447,949.
3 million contract for Wasp III MAV systems under the Air Force BATMAV Contract.
The Marine Corps will procure the BATMAV systems through the Air Force BATMAV contract, which was awarded to AV in December 2006 and provides a means for other U.
We are now eager to place new BATMAV systems into the hands of Air Force personnel on the battlefield so that they can operate more effectively and safely," said John Grabowsky, executive vice president and general manager of unmanned aircraft systems for AV.