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BATNABest Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
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The sources further said that four civilians were killed in Kafr Batna and at least 10 others were injured by the terrorists' fire.
The state news agency said Syrian troops restored "security and stability" to much of Jobar, a key district near Kfar Batna on the edge of Damascus, after weeks of fighting.
Improving one's own BATNA or worsening the other side's BATNA often influences the outcome of the negotiation.
with 14 cases, followed by Batna with 12, and Tlemecen with six, and five in
The comissioning of Batna Field, one of the oil fields in northwest Mosul's Zummar town, stopped more than 20 years ago, shall add a new production energy, exceeding 2,000 bpd, in Nineveh Province," the official source, who asked not to be named, told Aswat al-Iraq News Agency.
You have to vote, even vote against us, even with a blank vote, but vote," Bouteflika told his first election rally at Batna in the Aures, 435 kilometres (270 miles) southeast of the capital, local media reported.
A Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or BATNA is your contingency plan to protect you from accepting an agreement that is unfavourable.
The bomb exploded about 45 minutes before President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's scheduled arrival in Batna, a town about 279 miles east of the capital, Algiers.
This proved surprisingly easy--Timbuktu is that sort of place--and within a couple of weeks, I had signed up with U Batna Ould Shehr, a Moor who knew the route well and came as a package with three good-looking camels.
A formal discussion of BATNA may be found in Getting to Yes by Fisher and Ury or The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator by Leigh Thompson (See also "Negotiation Terms," included as part of this case).
ICAO certification has been completed for Algiers, Annaba and Batna airports and is "in progress" at Bejaia, Biskra, Constantine, Ghardaia, Hassi Messaoud, InAmenas, Oran, Tamanrasset and Tlemcen airports.
Developing a BATNA is important because it is the standard that any