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BATNABest Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
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The state news agency said Syrian troops restored "security and stability" to much of Jobar, a key district near Kfar Batna on the edge of Damascus, after weeks of fighting.
You should gauge what the BATNA of the other party is through effective questioning and by valuing all issues in its terms and considering what your response would be if it introduced its BATNA.
This is certainly a pretty strong BATNA, but it is not without some possible risk, e.
Ligue 2 : Paradou AC, JSM Bejaia, ASO Chlef, MC El-Eulma, CRB Ain Fekroun, USM Bel-Abbes Region de Ouargla : MB Hassi Messoud, NRB Touggourt, NT Souf et CR Beni-Thour Region d'Alger : B Lakhdaria, ES Azeffoun, NR Dely-Ibrahim, EC Oued Smar, USM Cheraga et RC Kouba Region de Blida : RA Ain Defla, IRB Oueld Yaich, SC Ain Defla et IRB Bou Medfaa Region de Annaba : US Tebessa, NRB Bouchegouf, ORBG Bousbaa, NRB El Ogla, ES Guelma Region de Batna : AB Barika, ES Bouakeul, WRB M'sila, CRB Kais, US Biskra et CRB Ouled Djellal Region de Constantine : JJ Azzaba, AS Ain M'lila, HB Chelgoulm Laid, E.
S'agissant des departs de Mourad Batna et de Abdelhafid Lirki, Aboulkacem a souligne que Batna a ete aussi sollicite par le Wydad et le Raja mais il a opte pour le FUS .
Meanwhile, the Syrian regime is tightening security in the area of Kafr Batna in the countryside of Damascus.
Governorates, (SANA) -- The people of Jabal al-Zawiye in the town of Maghara, Idleb governorate, laid to rest the martyred policeman Hamid al-Khatib who passed away on Tuesday when unknown gunmen shot him while on a routine patrol in the area of Kafar Batna in Damascus Countryside.
In this regard, the same official pointed out that the entry into service, as from 2009 1Q, of power stations of Larbaa (Blida), Batna, Relizane, M'sila, Annaba, Oran and that of Algiers port will contribute in hiking by half the national power production in comparison with the current rate.
Developing a BATNA is important because it is the standard that any
Une conference internationale sur la securite interne dans les entreprises sera ouverte mercredi prochain a l'Universite de Batna a l'initiative de l'Institut d'hygiene et de securite industrielles, a indique, hier, la presidente de la rencontre, Leila Bahmed.