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BATSEBurst and Transient Source Experiment
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BATSE can not pinpoint a source, but information from other satellites and telescopes aimed at that region of the sky have begun pouring in.
State University and his colleagues calculate that if BATSE eventually records another 2,000 bursts that are evenly distributed, the halo required to match the data would be so large and uniform that scientists would have to abandon the halo theory.
In an articlein the July 1 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL -- written before GRO's launch -- he and his co-workers anticipated the new BATSE results and suggested that stars in distant galaxies might account for the distribution of these mysterious gamma-ray outbursts.
The procedures used to measure this distribution from BATSE (the Burst And Transient Source Experiment on NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory) data are discussed.
He adds that the duration of gamma bursts detected by BATSE has varied from seconds to hundredths of seconds -- suggesting that the flashes may have several different types of sources.
In this paper, we present a temporal and spectral analysis of a subset of BATSE GRBs with smooth extended emission tails to search for signatures of the "high-energy afterglow," i.