BATSSBattlefield Targeting Support System
BATSSBehavioral Assessment and Technology Support System
BATSSBattlefield Automated Tactical Support System
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BATSS has successfully trained 20 preschool, 30 ele mentary school and 11 middle school teachers and teacher aides.
Because in classrooms the types of behavior exhibited by each student differ in form as well as function, and because there are occasions when none of the standard 4 conditions evoke the reported (and empirically observed) problem behavior, the BATSS approach has been to modify some of the aforementioned assessment conditions to include persons other than BATSS personnel and/or to conduct 1 or more of the 4 assessment conditions in locations where the behavior occurs most frequ ently (e.
BATSS also tested two other conditions that have their bases more directly in the standard 4 Iwata conditions: