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BATTBirmingham Area Technology Task Force (Alabama)
BATTBulimic Automatic Thoughts Test (psychology)
BATTBenzoic Acid Tolerance Test
BATTBritish Army Training Team
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Then known as the Carlson Group, Mr Batt led a management buyout of the business in 2008.
In 2008 Mr Batt led a management buy-out of the firm, then known as the Carlson Group.
Legend has it that a servant answered a knock on the door and Capt Batt strode upstairs and vanished.
Batt made several good points in defending his work, pointing out that his composition was superior as he had achieved in one minute what Cage took four minutes and 33 seconds to do.
In a letter to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Andrus and Batt alleged the agency had violated a federal law that requires detailed analyses of the environmental impact of activities proposed by the U.
Prof Batt adds: "This isn't about buying a new tracksuit and running shoes, it's about a lifestyle change that involves things like using the stairs rather than the lift and walking at lunchtime.
It's really complicated and there's no simple answer," says Prof Batt.
The BATT expresses hopes that Bulgarian MEPs and representatives of the state in EU bodies will respond to the appeal of Bulgarian SMEs and support domestic tobacco traders through their vote.
If you're installing batts made from heavy material like denim or rock wool, you could clamp down the batt and use your reciprocating saw to cut through it.
Naomi Gilchrist, defending, said Batt - known as Nat to friends - had been "seriously let down" by pest control firm Rentokil, which failed to sort the problem, despite paying the restaurant 14 visits between August and October last year.
Headquartered in Jenison, MI, CMS produces ECOCELL batts and blankets, an innovative insulation material made from recycled and renewable fibers, the majority being recycled newspaper.