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BATUSBritish American Tobacco - US
BATUSBritish Army Training Unit Suffield (Alberta, Canada)
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BATUS also offers Tactical Engagement Simulation - a similar concept to laser quest - which allows troops to gain experience of different scenarios by using virtual villages and rivers, an "Afghan" tunnel complex, a vertical village -aimed to simulate an Afghan village on the side of a hill - and a village with identifiable properties such as places of worship and with the potential for casualties.
ACTION STATIONS: Soldiers from the 1 Lanes (1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment) Battle group take part in a military exercise on the plains of BATUS (British Army Training Area Suffield), Canada; CRAMPED CONDITIONS: A soldieron military exercise at BATUS (British Army Training Area Suffield), Canada; IN CHARGE LtCol Gary Deakin
Prior to joining Appleton Papers in 1988 as director of planning, Buth, 37, held a number of financial positions with Saks Fifth Avenue, BATUS, and Price Waterhouse.
and BATUS in Canada, served by three buildings for exercise control and logistics support, seven infrastructure towers filled with electronic communication monitoring and control equipment, and many new, state-of-the-art products that were custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of the British Army.
Prior to joining PNC, he was vice president for corporate affairs and government relations at BATUS, Inc.
His 20 years of experience in retailing includes merchandising and store management with May Department Stores and BATUS.
Reffett & Associates was founded in 1992 by William "Bill" Reffett, a personnel executive in the supermarket and retailing industry, who held senior positions with Grand Union, a division of BATUS and Lazarus Department Stores.
Previously, he spent five years as vice president, Personnel and Operations, and senior vice president, Human Resources, for Frederick and Nelson, a Seattle-based division of BATUS.
From 1987 to 1990, Martinez was senior vice president and group chief executive for the retail division of BATUS Inc.
Levy was a senior executive of the BATUS Retail Group, serving as Chairman and C.
From 1987 to 1990, he was senior vice president and group chief executive for the retail division of BATUS, Inc.