BATVBounce Address Tag Validation
BATVBounce Address Tag Validation (email)
BATVBalloons above the Valley (Napa, CA; hot air balloon tours)
BATVBorehole Acoustic Televiewer (geophysics)
BATVBay Area Teen Voices (San Francisco, CA)
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As for all previous NRIV strains, the new isolate was highly similar to BUNV regarding the S and the L segment (Figure, panels A, C); the M segment was highly similar to BATV (Figure, panel B).
A high specificity was justified on the basis of the negative results with the 387 control serum and the absence of neutralizing capacity of an SBV-positive ovine serum sample to INKV, BATV, and TAHV.
Of the BATV, specimens from 7 study participants reacted in HIT at a low titer of 20.
On the basis of this serosurvey, recent infections with WNV (in contrast to South Moravia after the 1997 flood [5,6]), SINV, and BATV have not been found in Central Bohemia after the flood.