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BAUD[not an acronym] unit of signaling speed equal to one code element per second
BAUDBits at Unit Density
BAUDBlazing Access Using Dialup
BAUDBinary Assembly Unassembly Data
BAUDBio-Acoustical Utilization Device (behavioral therapy)
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Baud, who was overcome with emotion when he heard Nusrat during his very first concert in France in 1985, often traveled with the artiste and helped organize numerous shows for him all over the world and in Pakistan, until his untimely death in 1997.
Operator controls include eight baud rate selection switches (from 150 to 19.
Hardware: MacIIxi design workstation with 8 megabytes of RAM, 100-300 megabyte internal hard drive, laser printer, full-color, high-resolution, refrigerator-sized double-page display monitor, accelerator board, network hardware including a file server to link your department with other workstations and client groups, cd-room drive, mass magnetic media storage system, 9600 baud modem, color scanner, color printer and maybe even a super high resolution output device such as a Linotronic L-300.
For example, most computers must communicate with each other or with printers at the same baud rate.
By reducing the resolution of the x-ray from diagnostic quality to "consultative" quality of 1024 by 768 by 8 bits of gray scale (1,024 by 768 by 256 bits of data) that can be presented on a standard Super VGA computer monitor, the image will pass over the 9,600 baud modem in 5.
80 per hour or 21 cents per minute for 1200 and 2400 baud access and 9600 baud access costs $22.