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BAUD[not an acronym] unit of signaling speed equal to one code element per second
BAUDBio-Acoustical Utilization Device (behavioral therapy)
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We look forward to helping Baud Telecom as it rolls out next-generation services within the dynamic Middle Eastern market
Vary the word length, stop bits, and baud rate until good transmission is achieved.
Market Vectors Australia Banks Index (MVFIX) No of components: 7 Full market capitalisation: 321 bAUD Historical data: available since 29 December 2006 Top 5 companies (and the weighting in the index): National Australia Bank (19.
Tellabs and Baud Telecom will jointly design, install, commission, migrate, test and maintain the network.
By reducing the resolution of the x-ray from diagnostic quality to "consultative" quality of 1024 by 768 by 8 bits of gray scale (1,024 by 768 by 256 bits of data) that can be presented on a standard Super VGA computer monitor, the image will pass over the 9,600 baud modem in 5.
based Globall Village Communications offers FullFax, a 2400 baud date modem, which sends faxes at 9600 baud are receives them at 4800 baud.
The OXCFU950's ultra high-performance OX16C95X synchronous UART offers baud rates up to 12Mbps.
Running in the background on the main CPU in two interrupt service routines, EZMac transmits data in short packets (16 byte maximum payload) and supports data transmission using the internal baud rate generator of the transceiver chip.