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BAVABritish Association for Vedic Astrology (est. 1996; UK)
BAVABritish Anti-Vivisection Association
BAVABerlin Airlift Veterans Association (Dallas, TX)
BAVABradley Academy for the Visual Arts (Pennsylvania)
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Dr Bava said he had last seen his patient on Friday when "she thanked me and held my hand", as she did every time he called on her.
Today she has slowed down a bit, reducing the number to two some days because she says three can be too much," Bava was reported saying by Reuters last year.
However, this year, we have put in extra efforts," Bava added.
The incident happened shortly after Shahid Bava was returning after having reached a house near the Kodiathur village office by an autorickshaw.
Come dichiaro Freda, che fu aiutato nella realizzazione del film dall'amico Mario Bava, il modello per la pellicola deriva dalle figure di non-morti imposte da Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau con Nosferatu (1922) e Cari Theodor Dreyer con Vampyr (1932).
The pair's focus is on completing the transaction, Bava told reporters at a conference as cited by Reuters.
I have already lost my baby" (TALMUD Shabbat 63 a-b and also Bava Kama 83a).
Their version of sufi music entails a mix of African and local styles, wherein they dedicate their performance to Bava Gor, a Sufi saint of African origin.
DOHA SEEKING justice, a group of small-scale business firms in Doha, alleged that they were duped by an Indian entrepreneur Abdu Hakim Bava, managing director of Mukhtalif Trading & Contracting (MTC).
13 ( ANI ): The German Government has conferred the country's Order of Merit on Jawaharlal Nehru University academic Professor Ummu Salma Bava.
The Birmingham band was named after Boris Karloff's 1963 horror film Black Sabbath, directed by Mario Bava.
Accordingly, Abid Ali Habib (130), Mohammed Sohail (101), Zafar Siddiq Moti (98), Ashraf Bava (93) and Muhammad Qasim Lakhani (90) were elected.