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BAWLBay Area Writers League (Texas; est. 1987)
BAWLBehavioral Approach to Weight Loss
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Squatting down, she dragged her derriere through the dry forest clutter while emitting the most plaintive bawl I have ever heard.
Immediately, we returned to the power line we used as a travel route and Gerald made a cow bawl that was instantly answered by the same.
While short on gridiron action, this seminal Movie of the Week was still ostensibly "about football," which meant '70s guys could bawl their eyes out during Piccolo's wrenching death scene.
So, if you fancy seeing Off The Bawl starring Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove at the Theatre Royal on Wednesday, March 19 (how's that for cheek?
The surprise winner of the UK's best bawl boys are the faithful at Portsmouth's Fratton Park, achieving 97 decibels on average.
I'VE reached the stage where I can only belly-laugh at those Muslim fanatics who bawl, burn effigies of those they dislike - like the Pope this week - then tell us that Islam preaches peace.
Either that or they should leave us all alone - they either have to do it to managers and supporters or leave us to bawl and shout at each other.
I wonder just how good the golf stars would be if the crowd was allowed to shout and bawl as they were about to tee off.
But his comments immediately came under fire MacAskill told a conference at Tulliallan Police College: "If you behave in an ignorant loutish manner, shout, bawl, breach the peace, assault someone, commit domestic violence, don't use alcohol as an excuse.
If I ever got flowers from a fellow artist just telling me 'congratulations' on something, I would bawl my eyes out,'' says Hewitt, the 23-year-old star of ``The Tuxedo.