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Bawo and his team worked hard and steadily, slept little and had no free time.
The Western author of this paper was granted an audience with a 10-year old Bawo Lama in 2005, something which the young lama found hilarious.
Shwelo Bawo tackles what it is to be the wife of a newly appointed Black business leader who, after years of relative poverty, suddenly has an abundance of wealth at her disposal.
Unlike young Liberians such as Bawo who have known little else but a Liberia at war, Lartey, 60, remembers a different country in his youth and young adulthood.
For Fugard this development was in part the result of the influence of the European avant-garde, especially of the Polish director Jerzy Grotowski; but for John Kani and Winston Ntshona it had more to do with the surviving influence of indigenous African traditions of storytelling and response, revealed in plays like Witness Thamsanga's Buzani ku Bawo ("Ask Father"), a popular Xhosa play in which they took part under the direction of their history master at Newell High School, New Brighton.
0 tools to facilitate knowledge gathering and sharing in their work; the Girls Technology Camp, which exposed high school girls to the relevance of ICTs to academic and professional pursuits; her collaboration with Fahamu to organize Blogs for African Women and BAWO, a blog mentoring initiative for African girls.
The remains of the deceased may now be moved into a kererekng, a tempelaaq or even a templaaq patiq 'ironwood sarcophagus on one pile with antaakng,' which allows the liau to climb up to the top of the 'Moss Mountain,' called Usuk Bawo Meno.
It caused panic in the villages of Dimbiro and Bawo, from where the residents have fled," Juma said.
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