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BAXBCL (B Cell Lymphoma)-Associated X
BAXBaxter International Inc. (stock symbol; Deerfield, IL)
BAXBankers' Acceptance (Canadian futures)
BAXBrooklyn Arts Exchange (New York)
BAXBarnaul, Russia - Barnaul Airport (Airport Code)
BAXBurlington Air Express
BAXBCL2-Associated X Protein
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Bax was giving out his text, she was in a state of acute discomfort.
Bax mounted the pulpit he shut up Sappho with his envelope between the pages, settled his spectacles, and fixed his gaze intently upon the clergyman.
Bax became more definitely clerical, if it were possible, he seemed to speak with a certain innocent craftiness, as he pointed out that all this laid a special duty upon earnest Christians.
Bax, hospital nurses, old men, prostitutes, disgusting--"
Bax, who had inspired him to write three of the most superb lines in English literature, an invocation to the Deity.
Bax again, quoting the peroration about the drop of water; and when Hewet scarcely replied to these remarks either, he merely pursed his lips, chose a fig, and relapsed quite contentedly into his own thoughts, of which he always had a very large supply.
April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- MyReports(SM), a new on-demand shipment reporting service has been launched by BAX Global, a leading logistics and transportation provider.
With over 22 years in the logistics industry, Craghead started at BAX as a general manager.
Marie's depth of experience is an asset to BAX Global," said Jerry Levy, vice president, Marketing at BAX Global.
Cook joined BAX as one of the logistics company's first internationally- focused global account managers.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- BAX Global, a leading transportation and supply chain solutions company, announced today that it had begun company-owned operations in Greece, with the opening of an office in Athens.