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BAZABoston Anti-Zionist Action
BAZABelarusian-American Association, Inc. (Torrance, CA)
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There is the smoke from Bazas, on the further side of Garonne," quoth he.
The park, opposite to Baza Mosque, was allocated for an elderly home at a cost of BD18,000, which never went ahead.
The nearest airport for Cortes de Baza is Malaga and both Ryanair (ryanair.
In turn, ben Baza stated that the economic capabilities and qualifications the two countries own can be best utilized in creating and providing opportunities for the youths of the two countries as we seek a diversified economy creates sustainable economy.
We have therefore decided to sand-fill all the wells," Baza further said.
Set in a system of barrel-vaulted and domed brick chambers, the Baza baths consisted of a large, warm pool and smaller cold and hot baths, together with an entrance patio and wood store.
Implementing agency : 21 Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego
A doctor at the Ghazni hospital, Dr Baza Ahmed confirmed that six died and three were injured in the blast, while few of the injured victims are in critical condition.
A law enforcement official said Castagana was arrested after a search of his home in the 5200 block of Baza Avenue, where he was said to have lived with his mother.
A doctor at the Ghazni Civil Hospital, Baza Ahmed, confirmed six people were killed and three injured in the blast.