BBAABerlin Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz eV
BBAABaw Baw Arts Alliance (Australia)
BBAABed & Breakfast Association of Arkansas
BBAABritish Berlin Airlift Association
BBAABed and Breakfast Association of Alaska
BBAABed & Breakfast Association of Alabama
BBAABig Band Academy of America
BBAABarzona Breeders Association of America
BBAABluff Body Aerodynamics and Application (International Colloquium)
BBAABachelor of Business Administration Accounting
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De igual manera, el %GS y %CN exhibieron los mayores valores con los haplotipos AAAB, BBAA, AABB y ABAB, el menor valor para el %GS se observo con el haplotipo ABAA el cual fue superado por los anteriores en 21,3; 21,8; 15,7 y 11,9%, respectivamente, mientras que para %CN, el menor valor se observo con el haplotipo ABBB, el cual fue superado en 18,3% por el haplotipo AAAB.
Los haplotipos AAAB, AABB, ABAB, BBAA y BBAB, presentaron la menor produccion de leche observandose que el porcentaje de ST fue mayor para estos haplotipos, no obstante, la mayor produccion de leche favorecio al haplotipo ABAA el cual presento el menor porcentaje de solidos totales mostrando la evidente correlacion negativa entre el porcentaje de ST y la produccion de leche, causada por un efecto de dilucion.
Estadistica de uso de los ejemplares seleccionados (200 CCI p/a BBAA p/a ESC.
Meanwhile, he's rubbing up his halo by offering his services to BBAA, a Dragon's Den-style investment and advice vehicle established to support small companies and start-ups.
For Alistair, the BBAA is as much about advice as venture capital opportunities.
Javier Arteta cuenta con una solida formacion y experiencia profesional (Licenciado en BBAA por la UPV; Higher National Diploma en Diseno Industrial en Northbrook College of Design & Technology, Sussex, G.
I am just back from a two day conference in London held by the British Business Angels Association - BBAA.
While the BBAA accepted markets in London were very low and could remain so until the 2012 Olympics, it seemed keen to see if there were deals to be done in the North East.
As well as making it through to the BBAA final, Procyon also reached the final of the NHS Nye Bevan Awards, was nominated as a Millennium Product, and has won three DTI awards for its product development.
The creation of the BBAA shows that we are moving towards this.
The event is the first national forum aimed at reflecting developments in the business angel sector and the BBAA intend it to be an annual platform for the industry.