BBAGBarents Business Advisory Group
BBAGBlyth Bank Action Group (UK)
BBAGBartlet Bequest Action Group (UK)
BBAGBaden Badener Auktionsgesellschaft eV
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BBAG is an Austrian company which brews, markets and distributes beer and some non-alcoholic drinks.
However, a highly standardized approach is also employed in the international brand units of Henkel and BBAG.
The extra raised by a wholesale disposal would bring a range of targets into the company's sights, including Austrian market-leader BBAG, UK cidermaker HP Bulmer and even Danish giant Carlsberg.
The BBAG acquisition was completed and its integration into
Jukebox Jury will stand at a fee of [euro]5,500 and will parade at this month's BBAG sales and racing festival in Baden-Baden.
The sale follows a mixed start to the yearling sales season, in which only half the four major European auctions held so far, the Arqana August and BBAG September Sales, have recorded minor increases in average.
S&N's Dutch rival, Heineken, is said to be the favourite to buy BBAG, an Austrian weekly current affairs magazine has said.
The integration of the operations of Heineken and BBAG in Central and Eastern Europe into the new Brau Union AG, which started in October 2003, is progressing according to plan.
When you look also at Friday's BBAG yearling sale, there is a striking consistency with all three auctions.
Other issues facing S&N are the change in its year end to December in 2003, the search for a new chief executive and the possible bid for the Austrian brewer, BBAG.
The proceeds of the offering will be used to finance the BBAG acquisition and for general corporate purposes.