BBANBasic Bank Account Number
BBANBulgarian Business Angels Network
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In 1996, BBAN had 102 applicants, 65 of which requested to be housed within the incubator.
It was the technical assistance provided through BBAN that nurtured him and allowed him to grow.
Stated Michael Williams, chairman of the board of BBAN, "As we move in the direction of successfully delivering our product to the world, today the bar was raised.
Having Darwin Payton as our President will take BBAN to higher levels of business through relationships that take a lifetime to build.
BBAN completed its self-reporting process with the Pacific Regional Office of the Security and Exchange Commission, which was waiting for the outcome of the hearing to begin assisting BBAN with enforcement against the defendants.
Michael Williams commented, "Dale Godboldo is uniquely qualified to assist BBAN as we structure our new label, choose the artists we want to lead off with and prepare for our first releases through WEA.
Board members and BBAN executives, Michael Williams and Keith McAllister traveled to Salt Lake on May 18, 2004 to begin the strategic direction and technology plans for the exclusive strategic alliance with private labeled ISP's and broadband services for entertainers and athletes.
Tripp stated, "Our shareholders can now be confident that BBAN is currently moving forward with speed and efficiency and will shortly be announcing exciting new opportunities.
The Board of Directors of BBAN have been actively pursuing opportunities for the company and will be informing the shareholders of what has been accomplished during the anticipation of this closure and what is planned in the near future for Broadband Wireless International.
Michael Williams, BBAN Chairman, commented "The manner in which talented musician/actors have been able to extend their success as reality television personalities into becoming hit recording artists, coupled with the powerful campaign on the show from the ABC TV publicity department and our own push on the record and on Ballentine, makes me confident that this will be a strong source of cash flow for our Company.
The company stated that the shareholder of record will receive in the next days the BBAN stock certificates or have the BBAN shares credited to their brokerage accounts.
received the 6 million BBAN shares which are in the process to be distributed to Merit's shareholders as of record of Aug.