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In a statement they also added that Tyson's cousin and fellow heavyweight Hughie' has no outstanding matters with the BBBC at this tim',' but general secretary Robert Smith revealed they are yet to hear from the Fury camp.
Robert Smith, secretary of the BBBC, had said in the aftermath of the fight: "You have to bear in mind it was such a letdown for the 22,000 at the MEN Arena and the thousands watching at home.
The BBBC was established last year to promote dialogue and co-operation between the Bahraini and British business communities.
But BBBC general secretary Simon Block refuses to consider Harrison's request for fear of setting a precedent.
The former world heavyweight champion, who has denied any wrongdoing, has spoken of his desire to "reclaim the world titles which are rightfully mine" but can only again box with the permission of the BBBC.
Ferdinand's plans could yet be cancelled if the BBBC rejects any potential application for a licence.
Fury is due up in front of the BBBC next month on a misconduct charge following his expletiveladen rant at Dereck Chisora, below,who he was due to fight on Saturday, at a press conference in the UK last week.
Haye was forced to fight Dereck Chisora last July with a Luxembourg Boxing Federation licence after Chisora lost his BBBC one following their bare-knuckle brawl at a Press conference in Munich last year.
The BBBC should do something to stop this fight from going ahead.
BBBC secretary Robert Smith said: "The European and American boxing bodies would uphold any decision we make.
We'll have to look at all the facts today," BBBC general secretary Robert Smith said.
Simon Block, from the BBBC, said: "We are keen to draw this matter to a conclusion but the ball is Mr Harrison's court.