BBBPBiobehavioral and Behavioral Processes
BBBPBronx Blue Bedroom Project (New York, NY; collaborative art project)
BBBPBlues Brothers Band Project (cover band; Germany)
BBBPBilirubin/BSP (Bromosulfophthalein) Binding Protein
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40,41) Blood brain barrier BBBP in conjunction with age > 65 permeability (BBBP) predicts symptomatic hemorrhagic transformation (SHT) and malignant edema (ME), defined radiographically by the presence of blood or edema and a midline shift and clinically by worsening of the NIHSS > 4 from baseline, with 100% sensitivity in patients outside the window period with IV or IA thrombolysis.
Additionally, the company has pledged to report and share its results with the DOE and public through its participation in the BBBP Challenge.
Through the Celltick managed mobile services based on its patented Live Screen platform, available to over 100 million users in India, the user is able to get messages that they can interact with on the homescreen of their device, enabling ease of use in accessing information about BBBP.