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BBEditBare Bones Editor
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Most recently, BBEdit 8 introduced over one hundred new features and improvements, including a new Documents Drawer and Navigation Bar interface, new Text Factories for intra-application text processing automation, numerous enhancements to the product's signature HTML markup tools, improved Unicode support, integrated support for Perforce and Subversion, and much more.
BBEdit offers professionals even more power, from advanced HTML and CSS tools to seamless integration with version control systems, Text Factory, Glossaries and much more.
Existing Dreamweaver customers can buy Fireworks for a discounted price of $199, as can qualified users of other HTML editing applications including Allaire's HomeSite, Bare Bones Software's BBEdit, Go Live Systems' CyberStudio, Net Objects Inc.
Text Factories allow the BBEdit customer to create a list of individual text-processing operations, and apply them in order and with corresponding options, over a designated document, or set of documents and folders.
Metrowerk's CodeWarrior, Bare Bones' BBEdit, Symantec C++, and other Macintosh application development environments offer a transparent interface between their editors and THINK Reference, allowing programmers to simply highlight text and then search THINK Reference databases for that text with a simple key combination.
The new TextWrangler academic pricing compliments the academic pricing for BBEdit at US$119 and Mailsmith at US$79.
A free competitive upgrade to GoLive CyberStudio Personal Edition is available directly from GoLive for owners of full versions of the following products: Adobe PageMill, BBEdit, Claris Home Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page, NetObjects Fusion and Symantec Visual Page.
The new Preview in BBEdit feature allows customers to view a rendering of their HTML code under construction, in a window which automatically updates as the code is changed.
Dreamweaver is being bundled with full versions of both Bare Bones Software's BBEdit 4.
And its open architecture lets you work with other raw HTML editors, like BBEdit, without any problems.
Mailsmith also incorporates the same text editing and transformation power found in BBEdit and TextWrangler, and is the only email client on the Mac market with unlimited filter terms and actions, unlimited search terms, pervasive AppleScript support and more.