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BBGMBovine Brain Gray Matter
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The Washington, DC, office of BBG-BBGM will continue as BBGM.
We are excited about the rebranding and the opportunity to continue to serve our strong client base," said Domenic Giordano, Principal of BBGM.
About BBGM BBGM is an internationally renowned architecture and interior design firm with extensive expertise in the design of government facilities, office buildings, hotels, resorts, high-rise residential, retail, mixed-use complexes, master plans for development, and renovation / restoration projects.
BBGM was charged with creating a new atmosphere that would reflect the Neo-Italian Renaissance style of the original architecture.
The building's architecture, designed by BBGM - Architects & Interiors, has elements that are evocative of the design of the nearby National Museum of the American Indian.
New York City-based BBGM will bring glamorous 1920s style to the Trump Marina, designing new schemes for the 500 guestrooms, as well as two new restaurants and updating the casino and hotel atrium.