BBIIBrass and Bronze Ingots Institute (Chicago, IL)
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The remaining three spiked maces from the Terminal Period IVb destruction level were also found in the vicinity of putative enemy combatants in BBII (Figures 4 & 7: 59-775, 60-181, 60-943): in the portico (Room 1),stairwell (Room 4), and the north-east corner of the columned hall (Room 5).
While the contexts of the Gold Bowl Group in BBIW and the men with crested helmets in BBII indicate they were pillaging enemy soldiers, their military equipment and personal ornament overlap with the warriors of Hasanlu.
As part of the Capacity Expansion Project, BBII will aid in the City's effort to upgrade the capacity of Blue Line to meet current and future ridership demand by adding longer, more frequent trains.
This is an important win for our company," said BBII President and CEO Ray Bond, "BBII has enjoyed working with the City of Charlotte to improve its transit system through the Streetcar Starter project while extending our rail engineering and construction services into the Southeast market.
She was runner up to Brian in BBII and became a household name because of her blossoming love affair with Paul.
Because Sbrizzi's experience at BBII has been so comfortable, the idea of being in a major company doesn't intimidate him.