BBKABilateral Below Knee Amputation
BBKABritish Beekeepers Association
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Today we''re announcing our partnership with the BBKA and how, with its advice over the next three years, bee-friendly planting will become standard practice in all our showhome gardens and open spaces.
But there was still a "worrying and continuing high level of colony loss" which the BBKA put down to diseases threatening the bees.
Members of the BBKA were then due to return to Parliament and lobby individual MPs to support their cause.
According to the BBKA nearly one in three honey bee colonies was lost over the year.
BBKA has launched The Bee Health Research Funding Campaign, urging the public to petition MPs and Ministers, and contribute to campaign funds.
The BBKA was one of a number of bee organisations and companies that helped to developed the draft strategy, but association spokeswoman Christine Gray said more research was needed.
Martin Smith, BBKA president, now claims the four pesticide products were "of declining commercial importance".
The deal was scrapped two months ago and today members will be asked to vote for a motion calling for the BBKA to "cease any commercial relationships with agrochemical or associated companies, including all endorsement of pesticides".
This is part of the first fundraising campaign by the BBKA in its 136-years' existence to encourage people interested in bees to adopt a hive.
Michael Badger, vice chairman of the BBKA, said the Government had hoped to push through the cuts quietly.
The BBKA said its members had increased the number of bee colonies by 50% this year - up from 80,000 to 120,000 since March.
The BBKA is concerned that there is nothing to stop a repeat of last year's losses, leading to a further reduction in the insects, which are vital for pollinating agricultural plants and wild flowers.