BBMMBritish Black Music Month (Black Music Congress initiative; London, England, UK)
BBMMBig Brown Music Machine (California State University marching band; Long Beach, CA)
BBMMBovine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages (veterinary virology)
BBMMBonis Bomum, Malis Malum (Latin: the good deserve good and the bad deserve bad, Epigraphy)
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BBMM took the ASC as an opportunity to review existing systems and workflows to see where the management of information could be improved.
BBMM is already up and running with the standard Union Square system and some bespoke development work has been carried out to streamline the management of contact information.
BBMM s Construction Team Leader Tom Simmons and Schemes Supervisor Christian Marks as well as HW Martin s Traffic Management Supervisor Mark Day explain the pros and cons of working through the night.