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BBNBible Broadcasting Network (Christian radio network)
BBNBolt, Beranek, & Newman
BBNBig Bang Nucleosynthesis (cosmology)
BBNBye Bye Now
BBNBayesian Belief Network
BBNBackbone Network
bbnBarbarian (Dungeons and Dragons class)
BBNBroadband Noise
BBNBureau Burundais de Normalisation et Contrôle de la Qualité (French: Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control; Burundi)
BBNBiuro Bezpieczenstwa Narodowego (Poland)
BBNBase-Band Node
BBNBulk Billing Number
BBNBurly Bear Network (TV)
BBNBeauBlancNoir (French: Beautiful White Black; sports club)
BBNBrass Band Normandie (France)
BBNBrethren Business Network (Organization of Church of the Brethren / Christian values in the workplace)
BBNBrèves Basse-Normandie (French: Short Lower Normandy)
BBNBlanc Beur Noir (French charitable organization)
BBNBaltic Business News
BBNBig Brother News
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Working with BBN, we will be able to provide quality user profile information to members across its entire network," explained BPA President and CEO, Glenn Hansen.
The international arm of BBN will operate under the same model as the US division.
Businesses that purchase the technology from BBN and Rhetorical can use it to dramatically improve the level of service provided to customers through call centers.
Our mission to connect major brand-builders with a large-scale, qualified audience within a business environment is validated daily with the increasing demand from our advertising customers," said BBN Co-Founder and Senior Vice President Scott Roulet.
Tad Elmer, president, Raytheon BBN Technologies, said: "DARPA's GALE program is already responsible for many great advances in machine translation, and BBN has deployed systems for monitoring live broadcasts in foreign languages in more than two dozen locations.
Through our relationship with BBN, we can now connect major advertisers with our high quality users.
As we approach our two year anniversary I am happy to say that BBN has grown to encompass over 30 of the leading B2B publishers," BBN's Chairman, Derek Reisfield, states.
For more than 60 years, BBN has been at the forefront of research and development in privacy and security, with a particular focus on creating national security standards and protecting the government's security interests.
Raytheon BBN Technologies will lead the technology consortium, which will include more than 30 university and industrial labs, from an Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) to be established at the Raytheon BBN Technologies headquarters in Cambridge, Mass.
Tad Elmer, president and CEO, BBN Technologies, said, "DARPA's ambitious GALE program has already made significant advances in automatic language processing.
Raytheon BBN Technologies led the VESSEL development team under Office of Naval Research sponsorship, with contributions from Alion Science and Technology; Intelligent Decision Systems, Inc.
Under this most recent award, BBN will develop and test a hardened virtual network infrastructure with higher scalability and will demonstrate the technology on a MA/COM radio.