BBNNBevolkingsonderzoek Borstkanker Noord Nederland (Dutch: Breast Cancer Screening Foundation Northern Netherlands)
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Earlier, the BBNN team had been promoting Butterfinger's "Last Spokesperson Search" at Comic-Con on Friday, July 13, with Emmy-award winning actress Jaime Pressly, and was seen giving away pairs of the limited-edition orange underwear specially designed by Butterfinger - more than 1,000 pairs of underwear were taken by fans who witnessed the vehicle stall.
A news network like no other, the BBNN is dedicated to uncovering real-world footage of BARmageddon perils - any evidence of the end of the world and to uncover the truth behind the recent Butterfinger bar disappearances across the country.
The BBNN news van will travel North America from coast to coast, making stops along the way at the United States' kitschiest--and sometimes most revealing--roadside attractions and unexplained mystery sites, including Roswell, the Petrified Forest in northeastern Ariz.
The final stop for the BBNN will take place on the west coast in mid-July, when masked men and the true geniuses behind every known conspiracy theory in the world convene in San Diego, at the largest comic book convention of its kind.