BBNPABrecon Beacons National Park Authority (Wales)
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Judith Harvey, western area warden for BBNPA, said: "This fire continues to burn and logistically it has been extremely difficult to access.
Paul Sinnadurai, ecologist and senior policy adviser for BBNPA, said: "This site was one of our most important heather moorland habitats and this fire has had an utterly devastating effect.
BBNPA member Evan Morgan, who chairs the Meithrin Mynydd Forum, said he was aware of the issues that graziers face with Glastir.
Martin Buckle, BBNPA member champion for heritage, said: "You could compare it with spraying graffiti on a castle.
The chairman of the South Wales Caving Club has written to the chief executive of the BBNPA confirming this.
However, many now consider that this area's special landscape qualities have been badly damaged by the BBNPA decision to grant planning permission for a huge concrete water treatment plant under construction in the middle of this valley.
The BBNPA has a statutory duty to protect built heritage within the National Park, but in this instance its planning committee actually voted against a site visit by members before granting conditional approval for the scheme.
Firstly the failure to consult following material changes to the planning application, and secondly, the failure to consider the application against the appropriate waste policies of both the BBNPA and the Welsh Assembly Government.
The BBNPA has been strongly criticised by independent investigators and by Environment Minister Jane Davidson over its handling of planning matters.
A year on, and we are now in the process of having to prove to the BBNPA that we indeed do have a farm.
We would like to thank to BBNPA for their guidance on design, rights of way and the vital liaison with landowners.
A spokesman for the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority BBNPA, said, 'Overall the authority is disappointed that the Environmental Statement lacks both sufficient detail and a clear programme to encourage confidence in the achievability of the proposals to the required standard within the stated time-scale.