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BBOBoard of Bar Overseers
BBOBridge Base Online
BBOBillion Barrels of Oil
BBOBeta-Barium Borate
BBOBest Bid Offer
BBOBritish Ballet Organization (UK)
BBOBig Bang Observer (NASA)
BBOBusiness Banking Officer
BBOBureau Beleidsbeïnvloeding Ontwikkelingssamenwerking
BBOBooster Burnout
BBOBeyond Body Odor (originated on Seinfeld TV show)
BBOBig Brother Online (fan website)
BBOBig Block Oldsmobile (automobile engine)
BBOBad Body Odor
BBOBen Browder Online (website)
BBOBig Blind Online (poker table manufacturer; Pittsburg, CA)
BBOBrooke Bond Oxo
BBO2,5-Bis 4-Biphenylyl Oxazole (chemistry)
BBOBooked by Owner (property management software)
BBOBureau de Bernard Ollagnier (French: Office of Bernard Ollagnier)
BBOBigger, Better Offer
BBOBounty Bay Online (MMORPG)
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Numerical simulations are carried out for the proposed variants of BBO algorithms and the computed solutions are analyzed for their validity with the models available from the literature.
BBO is synthesized by following the methods described previously (6), (7) (Scheme 1).
Taking a gold medal was Simon Grey, 18, of Liversedge, who ranked in the top 5% of the 3,000 students from across the country who took the BBO this year.
But she enjoys the experience of coaching that the BBO project has given her.
BBO, billion barrels of oil (includes cumulative production plus recoverable resources), TCFG, trillion cubic feet of gas recoverable resources
Blodgett's failure to register and unauthorized practice occurred at a time when an immediate member of her family was suffering from a mental illness and undergoing a serious crisis that required direct, daily care by her, according to a BBO summary.
BBO is a good title and bound to appeal to Sid Meier fans.
It has been joined by four other Tiptree sauces in the range: Brown, Mustard Honey, BBO and Hot Mango.
This should remind me to live for the moment a little more and suffer less from BBO disease (Betfair Balance Obsession).
West S, Munoz B, Lynch M, Kayongoya A, Chilangwa Z, Mmbaga BBO, et al.
The agency then classified these banks according to their financial condition and the financial capacity of their shareholders into four groups as follows: Bank Beku Operasi or BBO (frozen banks); Bank Belat Kegiatan Usaha or BBKU (frozen banks): Bank Take Over or BTO (taken-over banks); and Bank Peserta Rekapitalisasi (recapitalized banks).
Corks popped at the third Starlight Sailing Challenge at the CYCA, Triple M's Amanda Keller was there to award prizes to winners at the post-race BBO as part of the drive to raise over $100,000 for hospitalised children throughout Australia.