BBPSBroken Bow Public Schools (Nebraska)
BBPSBovine Brain Phosphatidylserine
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The present scope of BBPS will include utility bill payments, such as, electricity, water, gas, telephone and Direct-to-Home (DTH).
It may be recalled that the Reserve Bank of India had, vide circular dated November 28, 2014 issued guidelines for setting up the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), wherein it was indicated that NPCI will function as BBPCU and there could be multiple Bharat Bill Payment Operating Units-BBPOUs (Operating Unit) under BBPS.
In order to carry out this work more efficiently and at the same time satisfy the exacting requirements made by installation companies in terms of the design and construction specifications, BBPS recently signed a new contract that allows for overall increased use of AVEVA PDMS.
This will enable BBPS to ensure that their projects are efficiently executed within the shortest time frame and with the highest quality.
With its subsidiaries and shareholdings, BBPS GmbH is one of the leading service groups in the power industry.
We expect BBPS to be a key contributor to improving operating margins, reducing lead times to our customers, reducing working capital and improving utilization of assets such as machinery, equipment and floor space," said Jaehnert.