BBRBBasic and Biobehavioral Research Branch (US NIH)
BBRBBevill Biomedical Research Building (Birmingham, AL)
BBRBBasic Biobehavioral Research Branch (US NIH; now Basic and Biobehavioral Research Branch)
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Gorgas Center for Geographic Medicine, 206-C BBRB, 845 XIX Street South, Birmingham, Alabama-35294, USA.
Not merely working on interior design, Rocha worked with the architects BBRB on the interior and exterior specifications, lighting, and full length doors.
van Ginkel, Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, BBRB Room 775, 845 19th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35294, USA; fax: 205-975-4431; e-mail: fritsv@micro.