BBRIBoston Biomedical Research Institute (est. 1968; Massachusetts)
BBRIBelgian Building Research Institute
BBRIBig Boy Restaurants International, LLC (Warren, MI)
BBRIBending Breaking Resistance Index
BBRIBiomedical Biotechnical Research Institute (North Carolina Central University; Durham, NC)
BBRIBaltic Business Research Institute (Sweden)
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The BBRI plant in Indonesia is fully operational and its ability to achieve desired run-rates has been demonstrated.
Additional milestone payments are possible based on the issuance of certain BBRI patent claims, approval of a commercial product covered by issued patent claims, and royalties on that product.
BBRI, Mobile Beacon and the PHA will continue to look toward making this educational initiative sustainable over the long-term.
and iron ore mining sectors, as well as those of the BBRI investment,
Similarly the operating contract with Denver Transit Operators, LLC (between Fluor, BBRI, and Alternative Concepts, Inc.
Capital investment, including BBRI, totalled R409 million (2011: R276 million).
The BBRI partnership is the first phase of a potential future AECI investment programme for the growing South East Asian mining services market.
Researchers at BBRI look at theses diseases at the biochemical and cellular level to unravel the mysteries of these diseases at their most rudimentary.
Emerson, with his proven track record of innovation and his passion for disease-based research, this talented constellation of new scientific staff will enable BBRI to have an even greater impact on improving the health of people around the world.
Charles Emerson, is extremely optimistic about this data, stating "This is yet another example of how the high-level basic scientific research conducted here at BBRI is advancing us toward a better tomorrow.
Programmatic areas were introduced to BBRI Trustees and members of the Corporation in May by BBRI Faculty members Drs.
Understanding the key components of the Hedgehog signaling pathway, and how mutations in this pathway can lead to the growth of cancer cells, highlights the power of basic science and disease model research to reveal new therapeutic approaches for human disease, which is a hallmark of BBRI research," says BBRI's Director Dr.