BBSABlack Business Students Association
BBSABlack Business Student Association
BBSABuff-Breasted Sandpiper (bird species)
BBSABasic Business Skills Acquisition
BBSAn-Butyl Benzene Sulfonamide
BBSABroad Bay Sailing Association (Virginia Beach, VA)
bBSAbiotinylated bovine serum albumin
BBSABeta Blocker in Spinal Anesthesia (medical study)
BBSABlack Beauty Supply Association
BBSABritish Blind and Shutters Association (Staffordshire, UK)
BBSABloomberg's Analyst Survey
BBSABlack Business Student Alliance
BBSABlack Business School Association
BBSABruin Belles Service Association (Los Angeles, CA)
BBSABurlington Baseball/Softball Association (Burlington, MA)
BBSABarbados Building Standards Authority
BBSABig Brothers and Sisters of America
BBSABaum Baseball Stadium (University of Arkansas)
BBSABig Bear Study Area (California)
BBSABBoard Sliding Adventures
BBSABloomingdale Baseball and Softball Association
BBSABylaws of the Boy Scouts of America
BBSABelgium Billiards and Snooker Association
BBSABeenleigh BMX Stunt Association
BBSABrookfield Baseball and Softball Association (Brookfield, CT)
BBSABlack Belt Schools of America
BBSABahrain Billiards and Snooker Association
BBSABroomfield Blast Soccer Association (Broomfield, CO)
BBSABuilding Board of Standard & Appeals
BBSABaluchistan Boy Scout Association
BBSABritish Bob Skeleton Association (UK)
BBSABritish Blind Sport Athletics (UK)
BBSABurke Bay Sailing Association
BBSABangka Billiton Sports Association (Indonesia)
BBSABridgeport Bandit Sports Association (Bridgeport, MI)
BBSABritish Baseball and Softball Association (UK)
BBSABarbados Boy Scouts Association
BBSABurlington Basketball Skills Academy
BBSABridgman Baseball and Softball Association
BBSABoy Band Story Awards
BBSABroadband Service Assurance
BBSABulletin Board System Awareness
BBSABanco Barclays SA
BBSABlackbelly Salamander (Desmognathus quadramaculatus)
BBSAburned body surface area
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We are still unaware of what level of support we will receive from the BBSA as the funding decision has not been fully reversed.
It is understoof BBSA officials are in a belated position to make an offer of some kind of support to McNeill for next year's campaign, although its precise nature is yet to be established.
The Literacy and Non formal Education is organizing the seminar in collaboration with the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), SPARC, Society for Community Support for Primary Education in Balochistan (SCSPEB), IDSP, BEEJ, SEHER, SCD, UNESCO, SAAD and BBSA.
Juliet Talbot, event organiser and membership coordinator for the BBSA, said exhibitors were travelling from all over Europe and the UK to attend the biannual show.
Namgonell Import Export Marketing & Sales Consultants has signed a memorandum of understanding with BBSA Business Brokers Services Associados, Lda.
Ranen now supports the Black Beauty Supply Association, or BBSA, which has about 200 members.
In a BIMSM-DVA liner, a relatively volatile BBSA plasticizer (n-butylbenzene sulfonamide) was used for DVA preparation of blending and dynamic vulcanization that can be subsequently removed during tire cure.
Accurel Systems expands its line of highly loaded additive concentrates with Accurel[R] 02CM802, a free-flowing version of BBSA plasticizer widely used in flexible nylon grades to improve mechanical properties and low-temperature impact strength and to provide good release and easier machining.
A Budapest Filmstudio/Kvali Film coproduction, in association with Grusia Film, BBSA, MMK, NKA, ORTT.
3 Area (km2) 150 330 9948 9842 7770 BBPL 7062 45600 5000 LGPL + 3452 37620 6000 SEPL 1200 3000 + KILL 25 WHIM HUGO RUTU 23442 7600 + REKN SAND + SESA 2000 2000 19012 23560 + LESA 500 WRSA 252324 67600 + BASA 9120 15000 PESA 44080 17000 PUSA 100 4000 DUNL 150 12920 STSA 1900 BBSA 4560 SBDO 30 LBDO COSN 30 RNPH 1000 300 760 REPH 283198 212040 20000 U-PLOV 1520 U-PHAL 1900 U?
Fitch views BBSA as a 'strategically important' subsidiary of BPLC, as evidenced by the high integration, strong operational and managerial synergies and the common branding.
The BBSA received PS10m funding for this Olympic cycle and is the best-funded winter sport governing bod y and is supporting three men's teams at the Winter Olympics .