BBSHBarbara Brennan School of Healing (physical healing training; est. 1982; Boca Raton, FL)
BBSHBesluit Beheer Sociale Huursector (Dutch)
BBSHBesluit Beheer Sociale Huurwoningen (Dutch: Social Rentals Management Decision; est. 1995; Netherlands)
BBSHBead-Based Sandwich Hybridization (molecular biology)
BBSHBiceps Brachii Short Head
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The BBSH, introduced in 1993, allows housing associations a lot of administrative freedom.
Because the BBSH stipulates that housing associations must use their financial surpluses in the interest (and social landlords are not allowed to invest in other sectors), there are frequent discussions about the transfer of financial means to those associations that are not able to fully realize the level of investments that is desired in certain localities.
On the basis of the BBSH there is a strong case to be made for financial solidarity between housing associations in relation to the mismatch of tasks and means.
BBSH was founded in 1982 by Barbara Brennan, author of the best-selling books HANDS OF LIGHT: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field and LIGHT EMERGING: The Journey of Personal Healing.
Seven hundred and thirty students from 27 countries are currently enrolled in the BBSH training to enhance and heal all aspects of their lives as well as to learn professional healership.