BBSMBuilding Broadband Service Manager
BBSMBoard of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (Lexington, KY)
BBSMBuilding Broadband Services Manager (Cisco)
BBSMBehavior Based Safety Management (various organizations)
BBSMBroad-Band Sleeve Monopole
BBSMBulletin Board System Mailbox
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Since BBSM is an active social media marketing company that provides these services for its customers, we're always on the cutting edge of this technology," says BBSM Co-Founder Curt Maly.
Having the knowledge is one thing, but being able to quickly and easily put that knowledge into practical application is the key to a successful marketing plan," says BBSM Co-Founder Nick Bridges.
In the BBSM, 4th Edition study, we drill down into a number of specific market niches and going beyond the primary forecasts, provide breakouts on the small and medium enterprise sector, IP VPN, and satellite-wireless networks.
BBSM is fully web-enable and is available with 24/7 help desk service and support.
BBSM provides plug-and-play access, customizable portals and support for multiple authentication and billing options.
The Cisco BBSM platform enables property owners and service providers to create tiered service levels in order to deliver targeted customer offerings.