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BBTBasal Body Temperature
BBTBhaktivedanta Book Trust
BBTBig Bang Theory
BBTBranch Bank & Trust (various locations)
BBTBundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie (German: Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology; Switzerland)
BBTBiochemistry and Biotechnology (various schools)
BBTBleu de Bromothymol (French: Bromothymol Blue; chemistry)
BBTBroad Based Training (UK)
BBTBig Boys Toys
BBTBubble Tea
BBTBe Back Tomorrow
BBTBrowse by Title (index)
BBTBitches Be Tripping
BBTBosch Buderus Thermotechnik
BBTBrooklyn Battery Tunnel (New York)
BBTBorn before Technology
BBTBrenner Base Tunnel (railway tunnel)
BBTBrethren Benefit Trust (Church of the Brethren financial ministries)
BBTBlack Box Testing (system functionality)
BBTBim Bim Team (sports team; France)
BBTBare Board Test (circuit boards)
BBTBeijing Boom Tower (China)
BBTBright Beer Tank
BBTBujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Japanese Martial Art, Ninjutsu)
BBTBulletin des Bio Technologies (French: Bio Technologies Bulletin)
BBTBig Brown Truck (slang for United Parcel Service)
BBTBeyond Basic Training (software)
BBTBig Beautiful Teen
BBTByways and Bridleways Trust (UK)
BBTBit Block Transfer
BBTBourg en Bresse Triathlon (Bourg-en-Bresse, France)
BBTBig Biz Tycoon (gaming)
BBTBoing Boom Tschak (song)
BBTBlack Ball Transport, Inc.
BBTBang Bang Team (gaming clan)
BBTBudget Based Transfer (US Army)
BBTBeinn Bhreagh Telecom
BBTBlue Beach Team (gaming clan)
BBTBrass Band de Toulouse (Toulouse, France)
BBTBlack Bull Tools
BBTBase Board Test
BBTBasic Broadcast Tier (basic cable)
BBTButterfly Body Transform
BBTBuc Boxe Team Muay Thaï (French: Buc Muay Thai Boxing Team; Buc, France)
BBTBerry Bigorre Trek (resort; France)
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The bottle will be exclusively available for booking on BBT website.
325000 per depositary share or 1/1,000th interest per share) on BB&T's Series G Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock (NYSE: BBT PrG);
The BBT consisted of balance and walking exercises aimed at stimulating dynamic postural control and improving balance reactions.
The main doctor championing BBT as not just a finding with thyroid disease, but an actual metric for it, was Broda Otto Barnes, MD.
estimated the reliability and validity of the BBT, ARAT, and FMA UL subscale in 56 participants with UL paresis from stroke, multiple sclerosis, or traumatic brain injury [7].
GEMS, which owns around 25 schools in the UAE, hired BBT in August 2008 after Dubai authorities denied its request to raise bus fees, on the back of what it says are mounting operating expenses.
Speaking at the reception, Richard Weetch said, "We are delighted to have opened the first BBT office in Oman and to be working with Shawqi in this new venture.
The BBT underwent a long standardization process for the Brazilian population for the last two decades, reiterating its informative possibilities on the personal inclinations and the motivational profile of an individual or of professional groups, helping to solve the dilemmas experienced by the individuals who seek Vocational Guidance in this context.
We are very pleased by these results," said GBI president and BBT inventor Felix Perriello.
Mark Hickin, of BBT, said: "The North East construction industry is going through a boom at the moment so demand for high quality construction staff has gone through the roof.
As expected, patients on BBT have significantly lower mean glycosylated hemoglobin levels than did patients who presented with new-onset diabetes in the year prior to initiation of family choice of insulin therapy.
Audience members expressed amazement that the hospital was able to offer family choice of insulin therapy at diagnosis without any staffing increase, given the heavy demands BBT places on nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, and physicians.