BBTKBollinger Band Tool Kit (Interactive Data Corporation; stock market price prediction)
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Bart Leybaert from trade union BBTK learnt this from the company's receivers, the agency added.
SeeNews) - Jun 24, 2014 - The management of US computer giant HP's (NYSE:HPQ) Belgian operations and local trade unions have signed a social plan ahead of the elimination of another 300 jobs in the country, Geert Haverbeke from BBTK union told news agency Belga today, confirming a report in ICT magazine Data News.
SeeNews) - Jan 30, 2013 - The intention of US chemicals maker CabotA (NYSE:CBT)A to close its administrative centre in Belgian Leuven has fully surprised local staff, socialist trade union BBTK said Tuesday, quoted by news agency Belga.
According to the court, this cameA at the expense of the other bidder, Italian Palumbo, local daily De Standaard reported Friday, quotingA trade union BBTK and labour party PVDA.