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BBVBanco Bilbao-Vizcaya
BBVBethel Bible Village (Hixson, TN)
BBVBündner Bauernverband (German)
BBVBill & Ben Video (Doctor Who)
BBVBayrische Biologische Versuchsanstalt
BBVBlower Bypass Valve
BBVBrags Beats and Variance (2+2 poker community)
BBVBody by Victoria (Victoria's Secret)
BBVBlack Box Voting (unsecure voting machines)
BBVBlood-borne Virus
BBVBlockbuster Video (store)
BBVBrake Booster Vacuum (automotive)
BBVBeroepsorganisatie Banken Verzekeringen (Dutch)
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When BBV chose to partner with Forerunner for signs and advertising, the topic of charity work came up immediately.
Detecting possible iatrogenic BBV infections in children relies on a careful history.
Using a BBV, any president who wanted to cut overall spending levels could leave unaffected the smaller spending projects, which members often care about most, in exchange for substantial cuts in larger projects or structural alterations in entitlement programs.
This means that the BBV clinical nurse specialists provide the only 'link' in the area for patients needing specialised advice and support--especially vital when help from family and friends is not sought for fear of stigma.
Macro-economic conditions have changed sharply since BBV bought in.
Furthermore, the BBV group from Munich, which has already used COR-Life for fund-linked life assurance in Germany in an outsourcing project, has now decided once more to use the standard COR-Life package for the introduction of Riester pensions.
Pro forma consolidated financials for the first nine months of 1999 show strong profitability, although they are slightly weaker than those of BBV alone.
For its part, BBV spent another $250 million to buy Chilean pension fund group Provida, becoming the largest administrator of funds in the region.
Loeb & Loeb LLP acted as legal advisor to BBV and Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP acted as legal advisor to Migami.
Another deal that backs up that positive feeling is the sale of 10 Exchange Place to BBV Immobilien-Fonds GMBH, a German insurance firm, for $175 million.
Public Health Wales, Microbiology Services requires fully integrated serology testing system including all (but not limited to) the microbiology testing for serological assays and some molecular BBV assays, Chlamydia NTS and GC NTs within a managed service.