BBWEBeringer Blass Wine Estates (Napa, CA)
BBWEBristol Brass and Wind Ensemble (Bristol, CT)
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We are looking forward to building the relationship with BBWE and helping the company connect in a positive way with female wine lovers across the country.
Formed by the Foster's Group acquisition in October 2000 and the subsequent merging of California's Beringer Wine Estates and Australia's Mildara Blass, BBWE has quickly grown to become one of the world's leading premium wine companies, with more than 15 unique wine properties and brands across the globe.
BBWE plans a groundbreaking marketing campaign to support the launch of White Lie Early Season (TM) Chardonnay.
In addition to innovative packaging and in-store promotional materials, BBWE has hired consumer public relations firm Ruder Finn and is developing a marketing partnership with a well-known female author.
Commenting on Fosters wine sales last year, which topped 700m [pounds sterling] compared to 627m [pounds sterling] for beer, Shortt said: "This is an indication that BBWE is gearing up.