BBWGBloody Bastardz With Guns (gaming clan)
BBWGBelkin Burden Wenig & Goldman LLP (law firm; New York, NY)
BBWGBonded Builders Warranty Group (Port Charlotte, FL)
BBWGBusiness Banking Working Group (Interactive Financial Exchange)
BBWGBad Bitches with Guns (gaming)
BBWGBlack Business Working Group (South Africa)
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Since 1981, over 15,000 professionals have earned the CEM credential providing the BBWG with a quality workforce in place to meet the growing demands of the marketplace.
The BBWG Residential Energy Guarantee program covers not only heating and cooling, but also all power usage throughout the rated new home.
We are thrilled that Megatel, a recognized industry leader in new home construction, has selected our Residential Energy Guarantee program to provide to all of its new home customers," said Ken Podlin, BBWG National Sales Manager.
Builders have been focused on constructing more energy efficient new homes for over a decade", said Ken Ward, National Sales Manager, BBWG, "Our new Residential Energy Guarantee will give participating builders a distinct competitive advantage as they market their new homes to a growing number of energy conscious new home shoppers," said Ward.
The BBWG 701 bioremediation process uses microorganisms and naturally occurring microbes to return a contaminated environment to its original condition.
Meanwhile, 100,000 gallons of BBWG 701 have been loaded onto trucks as the company waits for a decision from someone with the authority to make one - a miracle waiting to happen.
BBWG challenged the ECB Order by commencing an Article 78 proceeding in State Supreme Court.
In the petition, BBWG argued that: (a) the owner was not an outdoor advertising company as defined in the applicable regulations and therefore, should not have been assessed fines applicable to OACs;
If you are a foreign investor seeking to take advantage of this buyer's market, please feel free to contact BBWG for assistance, and we would be happy to advise you.
In a recent case commenced by BBWG on behalf of a commercial landlord, the tenant had performed alterations within its retail premises, and the alterations resulted in the issuance of a violation by the DOB against the landlord because the tenant had not obtained a required work permit from the DOB with regard to the alteration work.