BC3Butler County Community College (Butler, Pennsylvania)
BC3Bucks County Community College (Newtown, Pennsylvania)
BC3Battlespace Command and Control Center (US Air Force)
BC3Basic Combat Convoy Course
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In the case of specimen FR4 where boundary condition BC3 was applied, the stiffness degradation was more intensive ([n.
BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC4 have been incorporated directly into the hybrid expressions we selected to represent the modal fields within Regions R and C while BC7 in essence specifies the type of azimuthal variation allowed in Region C for any particular eigenmode.
Scott McCowan and Jacob Thomas reached the last 16 of the BC3 mixed individual boccia.
Bethesda's Jacob Thomas endured a tough day at the boccia, losing both of his matches in the BC3 mixed pairs.
PLAYERS in the BC3 category of Boccia - a sport similar to boules - use a ramp to help deliver their bowls with pinpoint accuracy.
edu/modloop/ [Fecha de Calculo: 15/03/2012]) (19), se refinaron bucles extracelulares (BE1 137-147, BE2 211-227A 227-235B, BE3 349-360) y bucles citoplasmaticos (BC1 101-108, BC2 177-189, BC3 256-315) con una longitud maxima de 12 aminoacidos por segmento a excepcion del bucle extracelular No 2 el cual contiene 24 aminoacidos y la cisteina presente en este bucle es la que enlaza a la helice transmembranal No 3 formando el puente disulfuro.
Researchers with the BC3 Basque Center for Climate Change, Spain, introduce 27 essays by international contributors that collectively make a valuable contribution to understanding sustainability issues from the point of view of energy use to mitigate climate change.
Ridge lengths (mm)* Lengths on embayments (mm) BC1 BC2 BC3 BC4 BCp Bfl Bf2 Bf3 Pterygopalatines FMNH PF629 12.
Because of low virus titers, the positive samples from production system BC3 and Michigan could not be further amplified.
BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, BC6, BC7 Cotas de profundidad de la base de cada una de las capas definidas.
1-I: 1454 from context 18888a over BC3 (Libyan, late), 1592, 1595, 1619 (not marl, mid-eighth to seventh centuries); fig.