BCACBeneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (Defense Department TRICARE health system)
BCACBritish Columbia Aviation Council (Canada)
BCACBaltimore Child Abuse Center (Baltimore, MD)
BCACBreast Cancer Association Consortium
BCACBoeing Commercial Airplane Company
BCACBlack Car Assistance Corporation (est. 1991)
BCACBureau Commun d'Assurances Collectives (French: Office Group Insurance; Paris, France)
BCACBreast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (New Zealand breast cancer charity)
BCACBMC Configuration Automation for Clients
BCACBusiness Customer Assistance Center (Sprint)
BCACBritish Columbia Agricultural Council
BCACBarrington Cultural Arts Center (Barrington, IL)
BCACBudgeted Cost At Completion
BCACBlue Cross of Atlantic Canada (health insurance)
BCACBackup Change Area Coordinator (Sprint)
BCACBlackwood Community Agriculture Centre
BCACBritish Conference on Automation & Computation
BCACBusiness Capability and Acquisition Cycle (US DoD)
BCACBattalion Command and Coordination
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As shown in Figure 1, the BCAC has five phases and is intended to be cyclical and flexible with steps repeating as necessary to drive more rapid achievement of intended outcome(s).
See R v Nash, 2009 NBC A 7, 340 NBR (2d) 320; R v Atwal, 2006 BCCA 493, 232 BCAC 64.
The Tawam Hospital BCAC has chosen October 26 to launch 'Pink Day' with the hospital staff showing their support by wearing at least one pink item of clothing, either a T-shirt, tie or a simple ribbon.
This year, Tawam Hospital's BCAC is under the theme 'Early Detection is your Best Protection'.
Okalahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lincoln National Bank, Okalahoma City, Oklahoma BCAC, Inc.
In 1985, a committee (including Aggie Read, Jackie McKimmie, BCAC Manager Edwin Relf, and Cinema Manager, Kerry O'Rourke) representing FAVOR (Film and Video Organizational Resource) approached the QFC and the AFC for funds to resurrect the Film and Video Resource concept, specifically to address the problems of 'isolation, workshop coordination, and resource development'.
At the Ohio Department of Education, we have developed an approach to art curriculum planning called BCAC - Balanced Comprehensive Art Curriculum.
Catherine's designs can be viewed at the BCAC Gallery located in the Ice House Mall, 200 Applebee St.
42) This was one of the defence tactics in the sexual assault case of R v Osolin (1991), 10 CR (4th) 159 at 188-91,7 BCAC 181 [Osolin CA].
See R v Thambaithurai, 2011 BCCA 137, 302 BCAC 288 [Thambaithurai CA].
2d) 30 (H Ct J); Yoshikawa v Yu (1996), 73 BCAC 253, 21 BCLR (3d) 318